This was a business trip that I took when I worked for Tripifoods. My role on the trip was to make sure that the 250 attendees had a good time and to take care of their needs. Well, truth be told, I was drunk most of the time I was there. This was a solo trip that I took without Jackie and quite honestly I will never do that again. 


Pacific Ocean
from the city.


The bay from a
roadside overpass.

Pacific Ocean
from the resort.

Puerto Vallarta

Beach and the pool from 
the room.


 Beach from the room.

Mexican band outside
the bull fights.


 Bull fights.


 Bull fights.


 Historic church cathedral in
Puerto Vallarta. 


Young boy playing with an iguana. 
After this picture was taken he ran up
and wanted $5 for the picture.


  Dave & Jackie