This was the fourth year in a row that I had gone on the annual Tripi trip. They always seem to find pleasant locations and the group of people that we travel with are wonderful.  This was also the second year that our friends Tom and Sue went along with us. We both figured it may be the last for a while since we both have daughters that were graduating high school and going to college next year.  So needless to say we made the best of it and had a tremendous time.  We had such a good time that we didn't take very many pictures, but the ones we got are entertaining.


The resort

Our room

Our room

The pool from our room

The golf course from our room.

Tom and Dave golfing.

Jackie and Dave

Tom, Dave, Jackie and Sue

Tom and Sue

Natives fishing

Natives fishing

Tom and Jackie

The girls w/a hunk

Party Time !!

The guys w/a babe

Dave and Jackie

Tom and Sue


  Dave & Jackie