This was among our most entertaining trips since we took the opportunity and the kids came along with us.  The beauty of traveling with a large group such as the one we traveled with here was that everyone knows you.  So we had the kids stay with us closely the first day so that everyone on the trip knew they belonged to us and then we turned them loose.  Jamie hung out with the tour director since they both had something in common and that was a boyfriend back home that they could share stories about.  Sean seemed to hang with to great guys that were from the Syracuse, NY area.  Wally (JoseA - pronounced "hose A") and John (JoseB - pronounced "hose B")  took him deep sea fishing and generally just had fun. They gave him the nickname "shark bait" because of the the fishing trip.  They teased him how they were gonna dump him over the side and try to catch a couple of sharks.  He also met the mayor of Fayatteville and went snorkeling with him and his wife.  It was an incredible adventure for all of us and one that Jackie and I have had serious conversations about doing again. Time is getting short for "family" vacations with the kids.  It is a shame that they have to grow up.


The Bay

The pool from our room

The tower that our suite was in

Lunch near the beach

Sean in the master bedroom

Jamie in "her" room

Dave and Sean in the living room

Jamie enjoying the ocean

Sean after 1/2 a tequila popper

Jamie's deep dark tan

Jamie and Sean at the bar

Jamie at the pool

Jackie and Jamie

Nightly show

Dave and Jackie

Nightly show

Jamie and Sean

Dave and the kids

Jackie and the kids


  Dave & Jackie