Jackie and I found ourselves in a position to do a little traveling after some difficult times in our family life. After discussing our possibilities we decided to pack up, leave Jamie with Grandma, and head to Hawaii to escape our problems and learn to enjoy each other again. We traveled with her cousin, Kim, and Kim's boyfriend. This turned out to be great since we had similar interests and played off each other well. 

  The thumbnails below provide an idea of what we did and saw on this trip. Unfortunately, we don't have very many good pictures from this vacation and as in all the trip pages, I will try to keep my commentary brief.


This was the view from the plane 
for what seemed to be an eternity.

Diamondhead from the beach

Remote island from the island hopper that we took.

Pearl Harbor - Arizona Monument

Arizona - Gun Turret

The Girls
(Jackie and Kim)


Cliff Divers


Dave & Jackie


  Dave & Jackie