This was the trip of a lifetime.  My entire family was with us, Jamie, Mike and Myla as well as Sean and Krystle.  We enjoyed 5 days of incredible weather and then had a visit from a tropical storm named Fay.  While we had to endure a few days of rain and wind I certainly didn't mind being with the people that mean the most to me in this world.


The Trip South

So ready

With Uncle Sean and
"Miss" Krystle

Myla and her Daddy


Too early


Listening to some tunes

Exhausting work

Headed to the plane

Playing in the water at
Ft Myers Beach

The Pier

End of day1
Day 2 - Myla doesn't like the beach

Breakfast on the lanai

At the beach

with Daddy

Enjoying the sun

with Mommy

Uh oh, sand in the ...

Headed to the water

can't get the sand out of the ....


The Bowers


Not happy at all

Last look of the gulf for the day

Yeah... Pool is much better

The Bowers all smiles

Grandma with a happy Myla

Listening to Dad

The spa and pool
Sean and Krystle's Day



and Away.......

Must have been something
REAL interesting

This is the life

Daddy stole her sunglasses

On their way to Sanibel Island

Among the last of the

The bridge to Sanibel




Right after "the big question"

She said "YES"

The congrats cake
Another Beautiful, Sunny Day

The morning nap

Tooooo sunny...  yea right.

Just hangin' around


That's better

The Challengers

And the winner is ???

She loves the pool

A crockigator

The afternoon nap

The girls

It goes in...

and it comes out...

So happy

Very nice
Fay was on her way

The Golf Course

Where I spent most of the round

Spent time in the water also

The Second dozen

Happy inside, Fay outside

Is that a smile, or what ?
After the mall we relaxed

Is that a book ??
Holy cow.

Cleanin' out the fridge

He shares so well

Nothing to say

New shades

I need an agent, any takers??
The trip home

I don't want to go home!!

Waiting for the plane

delayed in Charlotte

Back to the book

The Bowers with a
Super Model

Uncle Sean and "Aunt" Krystle


  Dave & Jackie