Well we have gone on plenty of All-Inclusive trips over the years so we decided that it was time to try a cruise.  Jackie and I did a bit of research and decided on a date and itinerary and quite honestly figured that we were going alone because the Smolinskis went to Vegas in March and two trips in such a short time was a bit much.  This all changed after a conversation with Kim.  She decided to get the trip for Wayne as a Christmas / birthday gift..........  What that meant was that we couldn't tell him.  The problem with this is that we meet up with them quite regularly and Wayne knows that I have no patience when it comes to booking our winter trip.  We were all sitting at a table at a square dance before Christmas and he looked me right in the eye and asked if we had booked anything yet..........  "Uuuhhhh, no.  We can't decide on anything."  I think that confused him a bit but he let it alone so I changed the subject.  Needless to say I was among his first calls on Christmas day.

     We met some great people on this trip in Bob and Lynn and are hoping that they consider jumping on our  vacation train and go with us in the years to come.  They fit right in with us so we know that we would have a great time.


Let's shove off.

Changed right away and
went to the top deck.

Tough job but we had help.

Leaving the port.



Lynn and Bob


The elevators from
the promenade.


The promenade


This vacation stuff
is exhausting

George, our waitor.

Explorer of the Seas
coming into Labadee

Navigator of the Seas
Explorer of the Seas

The port from the beach

Ready to explore Labadee.

The girls goofing off.

Shopping, go figure




People coming down the
zip line

View from top.

The gang.






At the Mall again.

The Bar at Margaritaville,
Montego Bay, Jamaica








Kathleen and Ryan
Newlyweds from the ship



The girls dancing
on the bar at Margaritaville


Formal night.


Jackie on the climbing wall.








I'm the king of the world.






What we came home to.


  Dave & Jackie