We have been fortunate enough through the years to do a little traveling. As a family we have taken a few trips to Florida and several trips to North Carolina, not to mention an incredible trip to Manzanillo. As a couple, Jackie and I have taken some more exotic and  intimate trips. The first was to Hawaii with Jackie's cousin, then we saved our pennies and went to St. Maarten by ourselves for our second major trip. Then, while working at Tripifoods, we got hooked on taking their annual trips. The intent here is to show and reveal some of the fun things that we did on each of the trips that we have taken. Just click on the picture next to the location to reveal more pictures from the trip.



Hawaii - 1983

Orlando - 1986




St. Maarten - 1994

Puerto Vallarta - 1996




Manzanillo - 1997
Cancun - 1998




Margarita - 1999
Daytona - 2000




St. Augustine - 2002
St. Augustine - 2003




Bahamas - 2006
Jamaica - 2008



Ft. Myers - 2008
Punta Cana - 2009


Cancun - 2010

OBX - 2010



Cruise - 2011 

Panama City - 2011



Jamaica - 2012


  Dave & Jackie