Sean..........let's see, what can we say about him.  When Jackie was about 8 months along she received a letter from her ob/gyn that she was scheduled for her C section at Mercy Hospital, now due to previous events she said "that's nice, but if you want to deliver this child you will meet me at Children's Hospital". Since the doctor was not affiliated with Children's he had to make special arrangements to deliver Sean. The events of that day were entertaining in themselves. They took Jackie in to the delivery room finally,..... and proceeded to deliver, then they remembered that I was supposed to be there. They brought me into the room where I saw the doctor reaching inside Jackie's belly to get Sean.


The timing couldn't have been worse, and the doctor never stopped. He looked up at me and waved with his free hand. Those of you that really know me realize that this is not a good thing. I stayed long enough to see that Sean was fine and then went out in the hallway to get some "air". The next thing I knew I had passed out and a nurse was telling me to get on a gurney. They then wheeled me back in to the delivery room to see Sean and Jackie. It's hard to believe,... but it has gone down hill from there.  He continues to do things with his sports that make me very proud, then when he is done he stands up and adjusts his cup in front of the whole crowd. Just like the pros.........


One of the unique things that has been between Sean and I, is our relationship. Certainly, in his mind, I move in and out of stupidity because I am so out of touch with what is cool, but through the years he has always worked with me as a coach. I left the football coaching to other coaches, but worked closely with them so that I could learn and help. He played little loop for 9 years and one of those seasons he quarterbacked an undefeated team to the championship. What a year that was. He only played school football for one season.  That seems to be on of our small pleasures. As far as school sports goes,... he really has put his efforts into baseball. He, like his sister is not a follower on the field. He has played just about every position out there, but settled into catching. Boy, is he fun to watch


  I have countless memories of him playing baseball through the years. Most of those teams were coached by me. Sean and I certainly had our successes.  From the very first team he played on, he was in the championship playoffs. In the nine years that he played little league baseball his team made it to the playoffs eight times. They played in the championship series five times and won the championship twice.  He has been fortunate to have good teams around him, but I sometimes wonder if his winning attitude doesn't help the other players play to another level. I don't know if he is the best player at any particular position, but I do know that you can put him anywhere in the field and he won't hurt the team.


  n high school he played varsity baseball for the three years and he was named to the ECIC team 2 his Junior and Senior years.   He  looked at a few colleges and has settled on a few that he would like to attend. The curriculum that he has settled on is physical therapy. Now this is a 7 year curriculum and when completed he will be a doctor. He has placed his baseball as a secondary issue for colleges, which is a good thing in the long run, however, I hope that he continues since it is something that he enjoys.    This is a picture of Sean that was taken during ICS Baseball Spring Training 2002 in St. Augustine, FLA. Easter Break of 2002.

Senior Pics


He played baseball every season that he has been eligible and was named MVP of the team his freshman and sophomore years.  He historically is a catcher and has been for quite some time, but for college he has been pitching.  In his final year at DYC he led the team statistically.  His batting average was .348 , while his slugging was .522.  He also had several homeruns including a grand slam.  It is a shame that his college career is done, but I am certain that he will continue to play summer ball at least for a year or two. He was listed as a utility player on the roster, which meant, to the coach, that he could play anywhere, at anytime...........  So the last game of the season and his college career he played every position during the same 7 inning game.  It was quite entertaining to see.



Sean received a B.S in Biology from D'Youville College in Buffalo and is now at SUNY Buffalo State College pursuing Chemistry to ultimately get his degree in Education.  His baseball career is now over but he remains active in softball.  Now it isn't baseball but it is still entertaining to watch.  Hopefully when he gets his teaching position he can get himself involved in coaching.  He has allot of knowledge and experience to pass on to young athletes.  We will see....

In August of 08, while we were in Ft Myers, FL he asked a beautiful young woman named Krystle to be his wife and believe it or not she said "yes". We couldn't be happier. Krystle also has a degree from D'Youville and is currently an RN at Buffalo General Hospital. They met at school and local professional sporting events, specifically Rich Stadium, but that is a whole other story in itself.....  ask them about it. 


They decided on a wedding  in September of 09 and started their planning.  In the midst of this planning they were able to purchase a house in Cheektowaga.  This house is perfect for them to begin their lives together. It now has nice hardwood floors, a new laminate floor in the kitchen, new tile in the bathroom, fresh paint and all the touches that make this house their home.  But enough about the house..........

On September 5th of 2009 all of the planning that they had been doing unfolded.  The whole day was a result of their efforts with some help from Paul, Penny (Krytle's Mom and Dad), Jackie, myself and Jamie.  Everyone made it to the church in time, the photographers were everywhere with cameras flashing away, the ceremony was beautiful, the limo ride was incredibly entertaining and the reception was a huge success. In a word it was...  perfect.

I am so proud of the way that their focus and love allows them to accomplish all the things that they want.  I am so lucky because now I have two sons, two daughters and a grand daughter  that I love very much.


September 5, 2009




  Dave & Jackie