We had been talking about going to the "World's Largest Disco" for quite some time.  Turns out that UPS is a big sponsor and we were able to get a bunch of tickets to attend.............  so we took the opportunity and had a great time.

    Sean, Krystle and Drew went along..........we may be in trouble in the future.  Just a "little" bit of fun.


Kim a bit "happy"

Jackie and Dave

Ed and Ella

Krystle, Sean and Miss "Happy"

Jackie and Drew

Ed and Wayne


Krystle and Sean

Kim and Jackie

Wayne and Drew "boogy skating"

Ella, Ed, Kim and Wayne

Kim and Wayne

Jackie and Wayne



Krystle and Sean

Ella, Ed, Dave and Jackie

Sean, Jackie and Dave

Krystle. Sean and Kim

Sean, Jackie, Krystle and Drew

Krystle and Sean

The Crew

Jackie and Sean

Drew, Jackie, Sean and Kim

Drew and Sean

Krystle and Evel

Drew and Sean

Which butt is nicer ???


Sean, Krystle and Drew


Sean and Krystle

Sean, Drew, Jackie and Kim

Drew and Sean

Ed and Krystle

Ella and Kim

Jackie and Dave

Ella and Wayne

Mr. Dance Fever

Krystle and Sean

Krystle, Drew and Sean


  Dave & Jackie